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Coconut Heaven
20 Amazing benefits of including coconut oil into your daily routine for a better skin tone, immune system and energy boost as well as weight loss. It's also an excellent moisturizer and an amazing product to use for spa procedures, hair treatments and much more.
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Skin Touch
Even Cleopatra, the gorgeous queen of the Nile, took time out to rejuvenate with mud from the dead sea. The mud contains multiple minerals that naturally detox your skin and give a youth touch. Black, green or white, what's your preference? This is apparently an incredible way to soothe and restructure your skin cells, create more elastic as well as revitalized face and body tone.
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Best Weekend Destinations
Check out the list of the most breathtaking countryside weekend break destinations around. You'll find places you haven't probably heard of just a couple of miles away. Discover day trips and activities within easy reach including visiting historic and natural sights, camping or hiking. Let Clair de Lune point you in the right direction, whether you’re travelling north, south, east or west.
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Tropical Chronicles
Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Bora Bora, Cook Islands, Aruba and Seychelles. These sun-soaked holiday destinations are ideal options for a dream come true tropical escape. Nothing says vacation louder like blue waters, palm trees, white-sand beaches and tropical cocktails.
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Clair de Lune is a prime blog focusing on simple ways to inspire you everyday. Approachable, honest and relatable content about health, beauty and travelling will keep you looking forward to more. Always fresh and engaging.

Connor Andrews

A true believer that we can make the world more beautiful by reaching physical and spiritual harmony.

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After years of building a strong online presence, Clair de Lune by Connor Andrews is now read and followed by many in the blogosphere.

Connor provides his readers with regular updates on what's new in the world of health and beauty, suggests travelling tips as well as gives workout and dietary advice to those trying to keep fit and healthy.

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